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The purpose of the Z83 application form

It is to screen and identify suitable candidates for the next rounds of the selection process. The
information provided in the Z83 job application is initially screened to determine whether the applicant meets the required minimum requirements and qualifications of the position for which one is
applying for. The application form is considered by the selected shortlisting committee to discuss
and agree on the selection criteria in order to select the most suitable candidates. With so many
people checking and reviewing your application, it is important to ensure that the application form
is neat and contains the relevant required information and supporting documents.

Completing the Application Form Z83

Set up a separate time dedicated to complete the Z83 application form to show the seriousness
of securing a job opportunity. Please ensure that the application form is completed in full so that
it can stand out from the rest and have a better chance of being favourably selected. Failure to
complete all sections on an application form may lead to your application not moving forward in
the selection process, which is something you should avoid at all costs, regardless of whether you
have attached the information on your CV or not. Bear in mind that mistakes do happen wherein
some attachments might have got lost or you may not even aware that you did not submit all the
attachments. Therefore, you will be on the safer side if you have fully completed the Z83 and provided all required attachments, in case such unexpected incidents happen.

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Tips to follow in completing the Application Form

In order to maximise your chances of landing a job opportunity in government, the following tips
are provided below: –

  1. Obtain a Z83 form
    The Z83 application form is available at any South Africa National, Provincial and Local Government office and most Government department’s websites. You can download the form by making use of this website address: southafricaportal.com/new-z83-application-form/
  2. Read the application form carefully
    It is very important to make enough time and read the entire form thoroughly. This will help you
    to clearly understand all the questions on the application form. If you find it difficult to understand or satisfactorily answer some questions, you can ask someone to help you. Or visit your
    nearest Labour Centre in your area at the Department of Employment and Labour to get assistance from an Employment Counsellor.
  3. First impressions counts
    Your Z83 application form is the first thing they see about you. Therefore, it is very important to
    complete your application form fully and neat to set the tone straight.
  4. Follow the instructions on the application form
    Following instructions is an important ability to practice in your everyday life in order to attend
    in detail what is required. When the application form says complete the information required on
    the form, do as such. Do not say “attached CV and supporting documents”. When it says, you
    may also attach the CV and supporting documents, do so as directed.
  5. Ensure that you have put the correct reference number
    Since government receives many applications especially for entry level jobs it is important to
    make sure that you have put the correct reference number for each particular post you have applied for. This will assist you to avoid being unnecessarily disqualified because of such mistakes.
  6. Sign the Declaration Section
    Please note that if your application form is not signed or dated, it is an immediate disqualification. In other words, your application will not be considered since it has not been authorized by
    the applicant. Please ensure that you complete the form fully and sign it off at the end.
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