Graduate Placement Opportunities at SAGDA

Graduate Placement opportunities, mostly in the form of Internships and Work Integrated Learning(WIL), constitute a great deal of SAGDA activities.

Our analysis is that these programme are effective in bridging the gap between formal education and the world of work. They further provide graduates with networking opportunities with possibly future employers.

“SADGA seems to be a great organization that really aims to help Graduate find their feet in the working environment.

Applying for the graduate programme is a swift process and you will be safeguarded by a person of contact through out the process which makes it easier . The appointment has a little bit of running around which you will enjoy. The host company you will work for is great and you will be well taken care of. You will work with a really great team who always do their best which will always make you want to do better. The only challenge you will experience during your placement will be the change of host company. The people from SADGA which you will meet and speak to are very nice people who really love their Jobs . There is always a great help when you need it. This kind of reflects what kind of organization SADGA is.



Graduate Placement opportunities at SAGDA


Graduate in any field


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