How to begin working with cleaning and Housekeeping? | Cleaning Jobs Pay Up to R7,000

While many cleaning professionals, like window cleaners, focus on specific tasks or areas, housekeeping is a broader domain. Housekeeping isn’t just about cleaning; it encompasses managing daily household activities like cooking, shopping, routine maintenance, and even bill payments.

What is the average salary in Cleaning & Housekeeping?

As we stated before, working in Cleaning & Housekeeping means that you can work virtually everywhere, and start from literally scratch.

In South Africa, an individual working in cleaning and housekeeping typically makes roughly R11,300 per month.

The lowest average pay is R8,110, while the highest is R17,100. Highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher, according to the platform Salary Explorer.

This is the typical monthly wage, which also includes housing, transportation and other amenities. The pay for various cleaning and housekeeping jobs varies greatly.

What does that mean? It’s simple. No matter where you start, you can earn ridiculous amounts of money if you gain experience and specialize in one area.

What are some of the benefits of working at Cleaning & Housekeeping?

Career progression

Working full-time work in the cleaning sector offers career security and fulfillment.

The majority of employers offer yearly pay evaluations, allowing you to raise your compensation by demonstrating excellent work and communication.


A career in cleaning can be quite flexible because many cleaning companies let you choose the number of days and hours you can work each week. If you work for yourself, however, this is completely up to you.

There will always be work

If you’re a skilled cleaner, you can be sure that you’ll never be short of work because cleaning is one of those uncommon professions that is constantly in demand.

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What skills do you need to have to be good with cleaning and housekeeping?

Time management skills

Housekeepers typically work alone or in small groups, and cleanings must be accomplished a specified number of times per day.

The capacity to efficiently manage their time and stick to a schedule is a critical skill for housekeepers in order to complete all cleanings on time.

They must also keep cleaning appointments, arrive on time, and do the cleaning within the time frame the client specifies.


As said before,  cleaning crews frequently operate in groups, especially when cleaning large structures like office towers or schools.

As a result, it’s critical to collaborate effectively and assist coworkers in completing their jobs.

Typically, cleaning crews would enter and exit their workplace simultaneously for security reasons.

Therefore, once a cleaner has finished their allocated chores, they should be eager to assist the rest of the team in completing their assignments.

Communication skills

To comprehend the questions of consumers, cleaners should have great verbal communication skills, especially active listening.

In order to properly communicate within the group and resolve any conflicts that may emerge, cleaners may work as a team.

Additionally, success as a cleaner depends on having great reading comprehension abilities.

Since instructions are frequently given in writing and cleaners are expected to follow them, you should feel comfortable approaching clients for clarification when necessary.

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