south African IEC election results 2024 are ready

The 2024 South African general election results are starting to come in. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has set up a comprehensive results dashboard that provides live updates on the election outcomes for both the National Assembly and the provincial legislatures. The election, held on May 29, 2024, is the seventh general election since the end of apartheid, marking an important event in South Africa’s democratic history.

As of now, the leading parties are:

  1. African National Congress (ANC): Despite a significant decline in support, the ANC remains the leading party in several regions.
  2. Democratic Alliance (DA): The DA continues to hold strong, particularly in urban areas and several key provinces.
  3. Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF): The EFF is making notable gains, especially among younger voters.
  4. Multi-Party Charter: This coalition, including the DA, Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), and others, is presenting a united front against the ANC and EFF, aiming to challenge the status quo.

The ANC, which has traditionally dominated South African politics, is experiencing a decline in support, potentially leading to a hung parliament. The rise of coalitions like the Multi-Party Charter signifies a shift in the political landscape, with opposition parties working together to challenge the long-standing dominance of the ANC.

For the most current and detailed results, you can visit the IEC’s official results dashboard​ (​.

In the 2024 South African general election, the African National Congress (ANC) has won the most votes but failed to secure an outright majority. Early results indicate that the ANC received around 42-45% of the vote, necessitating the formation of a coalition to maintain governance​ (​​ (Wikipedia)​.

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The main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), garnered approximately 19% of the vote, remaining the second-largest party but not strong enough to challenge the ANC on its own. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) came in third with about 16%​ (DW)​. To form a government, the ANC will likely need to ally with smaller parties or possibly form a coalition with the EFF, although the exact coalition dynamics are still unfolding​ (Wikipedia)​.

For more detailed and updated results, you can visit the Electoral Commission of South Africa’s results portal​ (​.

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