Finding jobs with Jobjack

Just like , JOBJACK was created as a platform for job seekers and employers to connect.By staying up to date with technology JobJack have created a platform where job seekers can register, create their JOBJACK CVs and apply for available positions in their area. Employers have the same option to register on the JOBJACK platform and post their available positions – giving them access to relevant candidates.

Can i send my CV to JOBJACK?

Unfortunately, JOBJACK do not accept any sent CVs, only online applications on JOBJACK from registered profiles. All you need to do is, register, complete your profile to 100% and you can start applying to jobs on JOBJACK! Once you have applied and a hiring company needs any extra documentation or information from you, you will get a pop-up notification on the platform that will take you to a document upload section.

How JobJack works ? | JobJack registaring

  1. Got to the JobJack website ( ) and Sing up using your email address and basic information
  2. Compleate you profile to 100% to create Online CV at JobJack
  3. After completing , profile , you can go to home page snd look at the available jobs
  4. Later you can go to MY Jobs to check your application feedback
  5. You Might receive a notification SMS and an interview request on JobJack
  6. Simply sign in to your JOBJACK profile to view and accept your interview request.
  7. If your interview is successful, you will receive a notification with your starting date details on JobJack

How long does it take to get a job feedback on your application?

Please remember that JOBJACK are reliant on hiring companies for feedback. As soon as they receive feedback, they update JOBJACK immediately. Feedback can depend on how many interview rounds a hiring company has decided to do or on how many positions are available on a job post.

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What is the JOBJACK website ?