October Sassa Payment Dates Sassa Update

Nearly 50% of South Africans rely on social assistance from government for sustaining their families. Monthly, many South Africans receives social grants from Sassa, an entity of the Department of Social Development in South Africa. Here below are October Sassa payment dates for all social grants excluding the SRD Grant.


On this post you will find October Sassa payment dates. These dates were published earlier in the beginning of 2022 by Sassa as part of their annual social grant payment schedule.

Why you should Know October Sassa Payment Dates?

Knowing Sassa payment dates for the upcoming month will save clients travelling money going to town to withdraw monies on wrong payment dates. When you know the social grants payment dates for October, you can only go to withdraw your money knowing that the money is already in your Sassa card.

You may also be able to budget your money accordingly as you know when will be you next payment date.

How to Cashout Social Grants in South Africa?

Below are ways in which South Africans or social grants beneficiaries can withdraw or cashout the grants from their Sassa cards


As a Sassa card holder, you may use your card to withdraw money at any ATM as the Sassa card is a debit card. Sassa also encourages beneficiaries to do so as this will reduce long queues at other pay points such as Post Office.


You may also withdraw your money at retailers’ teller machines. Most retailers allow Sassa beneficiaries to get ‘cash back’ from tellers. That’s one other way you may get your social grant

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Pay Points

Some people still prefer to get their monies from pay points where cash cars travel to certain pay points in villages and townships.

Paying for items with the Sassa Card

You may also use your Sassa social grant card to pay for groceries in retailers with a speed point or swiping machines.

Sassa October Payment Dates for Social Grants

Here are payment dates for October 2022

Older Pensioner / Old Age Grant

Older pensioners will be paid on 03 October 2022

Disability grant

The payment date for disability grant is 04 October 2022

Child support grant

Child support grant payment date for October is 05 October 2022. All other grants will also be paid on this date.

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