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Donated sperm enables many people who cannot conceive naturally to have children. Aevitas Sperm Bank has a rigorous selection criteria and on average only 5 – 10 per 100 donor applicants are accepted. Many infertile couples have been able to have children by becoming a donor sperm recipient through the use of donated sperm. It is a precious gift!Please take note:If you wish to make use of Aevitas Sperm Donors, you are not required to be a patient of Aevitas Fertility Clinic.Aevitas Sperm Bank can assist with shipment worldwide – provided sperm donation is allowed within the country of destination.Extra information available for some of our newer donors include: a handwritten note and results of an online psychological test. These will be available at a cost of R550 each or will be available to you when you buy a pregnancy space. Please inquire at spermbank @ if this is available for your shortlist of donors.

Indications for using a sperm donor

Donor sperm can be used for all procedures in fertility treatment (Home insemination, Artificial insemination and ICSI):
If the male partner has a very low sperm count, or no sperm at all (azoospermia), donor sperm is available as a form of fertility treatment
Single women
Lesbian couples

Regulations Surrounding Sperm Donation
According to South African law, a sperm donor may only have six babies before he must be withdrawn from the donor bank. These 6 pregnancies include siblings.At Aevitas Fertility Clinic we have decided to limit the number of pregnancies per donor to three live births and then to offer the opportunity for those parents who have had a baby from a certain donor to have a sibling using the same donor. If Aevitas did not offer this option, the pregnancy spaces would be filled by various patients, effectively preventing couples from having sibling pregnancies with the same donor.
The process to access Aevitas donor sperm

Aevitas Sperm Bank has a database of prestigious sperm donors for you to select from. Our quick and easy search function will allow you to browse through our donors, by selecting ‘race’, ‘hair colour’, ‘eye colour’ and ‘blood group’. Should you wish to view the extended donor profiles, you can create a username and password, once you attempt to view a profile.

Once you have identified your preferred donor or should you wish to have assistance in matching a donor by physical appearance please send photos of yourselves, as well as the hair- and eye colour you want to match, to spermbank @
Cost of purchasing donor sperm
The cost per treatment is:R4 300 (IUI/AI/IVF/ICSI) for Tygerberg / Aevitas patientsR4 700 (IUI/AI/IVF/ICSI) for other clinics / doctors / patientsShould a pregnancy occur using an Aevitas Sperm Donor, an opportunity will be given to the same person/couple to ‘book’ a sibling pregnancy space with the same donor. The cost of this is R 21 500 for Aevitas and Tygerberg and R23 500 for patients from other clinics.

Transport of sperm

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Should you wish to select one of our prestigious Aevitas Sperm Donors, but you are not a Cape Town citizen, Aevitas Sperm Bank can gladly be of assistance through our trusted couriers. You will be invoiced for the courier fees, where after Aevitas Sperm Bank will make the necessary arrangements and ensure that the samples reach their destinations in perfect condition.

Local sperm courier

Cape Town deliveries R 600
Stellenbosch R 700
Other major cities in South Africa R 2 500
Outlying areas will be quoted on a case by case basis.

International sperm courier

International shipments are taken care of by our trusted partner, Kynisi Couriers, a London based company. Upon request, one of their employees brings a dry shipper (a special tank to keep our sperm frozen and in optimal condition for transport) and collects the sample for transport. The sample is accompanied to the clinic of your choice, anywhere in the world. Throughout the transport process the sample will be prevented from X-rays and will be kept safe through the whole journey.

Approximate charge (for a more accurate price estimate, please contact Aevitas):
£1500 GBP + 10% (airline security/fuel surcharge)

Home insemination

Collapse/ExpandHome insemination

Home insemination with donor sperm is much like artificial insemination, but in the privacy of your own home. The straws containing sperm, are stored in a tube and preserved on dry ice, until ready for use. This allows the female partner to do the insemination process at her own convenience, during the time of ovulation, by ejecting the sperm into the cervical area through means of a syringe and catheter.How to get startedIf you would prefer to do an insemination in the privacy of your own home we require you to have a consultation with one of the fertility specialists associated with the Aevitas Sperm Bank before you start the process. One of the following methods can be used for consultation:Doctors consultation at Aevitas Fertility Clinic (Duration: 1 Hour; Cost: R2700, includes an ultra-sound scan for female partners)Telephonic / Skype consultation (R900)*Please note that before any straws can be sent to you, you will be required to take a panel of STD tests (we can assist to provide a pathology form).Straws collection informationOne of two methods can be used for straw collection:1. Courier to a clinic/homeCape Town and surrounds: R600Stellenbosch: R700Outside of Cape Town/Stellenbosch, either another clinic or private address: R2 500 (if insemination is required to take place over a weekend, additional costs may apply for preservation of straws with dry-ice: approximately R 700/day).*Please note: Collections in Cape Town are done Monday – Thursday and deliveries are thus Tuesdays – Fridays. An overnight delivery can be expected for deliveries outside of Cape Town to major cities. Aevitas Sperm Bank will invoice you for the payment of straws and courier costs, once a proof of payment is received, the courier can be arranged. 3 days notice is needed to schedule your collection/delivery with the courier.2. Collection at our clinicYou may also opt to collect the straws at our clinic, however you will require a flask for collection, which will require a R 400 cash deposit (R 200 is refundable upon return of the flask).Important information about home inseminationFor a home insemination we can provide you with a kit and instructions (Cost: R550).Straws will remain frozen in a flask for 2 hours. Therefore, straws need to be used within 2 hours or transferred into a liquid nitrogen storage tank.

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How to Apply

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